Shenzhen Radiant Enterprise Co., LTD. is an exclusively-invested subordinate enterprise of Radiant (China) Holding Company. The parent company is a powerful company with business all over the world, and is developing rapidly in the fields such as real estate, finance, IT technology, insurance broker, home and abroad trade and so on. The share and holding enterprise includes: Meilin (China) Holding Company, Hunan Guorun Attract Investment Company, Qingdao Meilingfudi Investment Company,USA Radiant Huiming Information System Co., Ltd., Radiant (Nanjing) International Industry Park and Ujima International Co. Ltd.
Radiant was founded in 1997, and is a new and high technology enterprise that got full support from Shenzhen administration. Now the company have seven patent technology that meet with the advanced international level, and has always keeping the innovative and leading role in the China metal roofing and fa?ade system.
Radiant has developed strategic partnership with the global professional material/system leaders - Germany RHINZINK, KME and ALCOA, and aims at taking the advanced technology from Europe, and guide the architecture industry tidal current development.
After 10 years fleet development, the company has accumulated abundant harvest and experience. We have more than ten sets of moveable process center that with the international advanced standard, and now is one of the most famous enterprises in China architecture metal maintenance system field, especially the metal roof and fa?ade system in real estate has always keeping the first position. The company has over two hundred landmark/cross-sectional public and civil projects all over the country, including airports, exhibition centers, gymnasiums, railway stations, cabarets, office buildings, middle and top grade villa group and so on.
With the full support from national construction department and science and technology department, the company now is cooperating with the world finial enterprise to build the first-class production base C Radiant (Nanjing) International Industry Park for series products such as metal roof and fa?ade system in Asia, almost 2 billion RMB has been devoted in this project. We shall provide more complete, advanced and environmental protection, fashion and novel products, and to offer perfect service for Chinese and even global customers, and try our best to do something for the industry development of new material and technology.
[The company has created nearly ten No. 1 of world/Asia/China wide, including]y
  In Asia, the First Conversation Center use titanium-zinc panel roofing ---- Hunan International Conversation and Exhibition Center titanium-zinc panel roofing project (Changsha city, Hunan Province)
In China, the largest Conversation Center use titanium-zinc panel roofing ---- Zhengzhou International Conversation and Exhibition Center. (Zhengzhou city, Henan Province)
  In China, the particular three titanium-zinc panel cladding aluminum alloy panel combination roofing projects ---- Dalian Culture Center (Dalian city, Liaoning province); Dongguan Great Theater (Dongguan city, Guangdong province); Changnan Station (Nanchang city, Jiangxi province)
The first foreign project use titanium-zinc panel roofing ---- Bangui Gymnasium (Central African Republic)
In China, the first Railway Station use Standing Seam System and aluminum magnesium manganese alloy panel roofing ---- New Railway Station (Nanjing city, Jiangsu province)
In China, the first high-class Villa Group use Standing Seam System and copper, titanium-zinc decorative panel roofing ---- Seventeen Mile Villa Group (Shenzhen city, Guangdong province)
In China, the first high-class Villa Group use Standing Seam System and aluminum alloy panel roofing ---- Cambridge Water Village Villa Group (Shanghai city)
In China, the first Church use Flat Lock System and aluminum alloy panel roofing ---- Chong Yi Tang Christianism Church (Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province)
In China, the first Factory use Flat Lock System and copper (TECU-OXID) panel facade ---- Chuangzi Clothes (Shanghai) Company Ltd. (Shanghai city)
Radiant ---- The first company led the high quality titanium-zinc panel into Chinese market, and to be the best saleroom company in China.